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Emerald City Natural Handcrafted Vegan SoapsWelcome to Emerald City Soap!

We're back in business and are living it up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! Toto, we are NOT in Kansas anymore. We are loving it up here! We're so happy to be able to share our soaps with a whole new bunch of fun, amazing people (Yay, Yoopers!), as well as our trusted and true loyal customers from other regions. 

We're trying out some new scents and hope you all love them as much as we do. All our bars (unless otherwise stated) are 4 oz each, and are all natural, vegan soaps that are good for you and good for the environment as well. We will be adding new scents regularly, so be sure to keep checking back.

Now then.... LET'S GET BUBBLY!!

Available Soaps
These bars are all packaged in individual boxes. 
If you are interested in BULK or WHOLESALE pricing, please click here.

NEW! - Midnight Lavender - Made with activated charcoal, and sweet, soothing lavender. Gorgeous black bar with delicate lavender swirls across the top.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

NEW! - Mint Chocolate - Rich chocolate with creamy peppermint YUMMMM! Layered bar with chocolate brown on the bottom and soft green peppermint on top.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Apple Pie - Sweet, crisp apple pie, laced with cinnamon goodness! Cream colored bars with red and brown swirls.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Cafe Mocha - Divinely decadent, rich dark cafe mocha! Deep brown bars with creamy swirls on top.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Lavender - Fresh and soothing. It's a classic! Beautiful purple bars with flecks of finely ground lavender petals.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Pumpkin Pie - Luscious, rich pumpkin pie fragrance. All the pumpkin spicy goodness, none of the calories! Deep orange bars.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Fresh Mint - Sweet and invigorating mint - the perfect way to begin your day! Pastel green bars with white swirls.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Sandalwood - Calming and enlightening sweet, woodsy sandalwood. These bars are cream colored with soft brown swirls.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Michigan Breeze - Refreshing and invigorating, with the cool scent of a Upper Peninsula pine forest. It's Pure Michigan! White bars with beautiful blue swirls.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Sands of Morocco - Classic carnation blended with warm sandalwood and musk for a truly sensual aroma. Deep chocolately brown bars.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Shamrock Green Tea - Super refreshing scent of green tea with a hint of vanilla and mint. A deep green bar with tiny flecks of finely ground green tea leaves.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Fresh Hands - Made with coffee and super-fine coffee grounds. These bars are great for removing kitchen odors from your hands. They have a refreshing citrus scent. Light brown bars with coffee ground specks.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Dragon's Blood - Earthy and sensual. It is mysterious, alluring and very romantic. Brown bars with yellow and red swirls.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

White Rose - Sweet and pure. Very calming and cheerful. Pure cream colored bars.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Wild Irish Rose - Sweet rose with a flirty twist of earthiness. Deep pink bars with tiny flecks of crushed rose petals.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Oatmeal & Honey - What a great way to start your day. Contains finely ground oatmeal and coconut milk. Tan bars with tiny flecks of oatmeal.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Confetti - It's like a party in the palm of your hand! Beige bar with shreds of multi colors. Super fun!
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Lilac - The soft, sweet and absolutely heavenly scent of Springtime in the palm of your hand. Creamy white bars with swirls of pastel green and violet.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Celtic Castile - This is TRUE Castile soap, made with 100% Olive Oil, with no added colors and no added fragrances. We cure these bars for 1 year due to the soft nature of the Olive oil. You will not find a soap that is more GENTLE to your skin! Cream colored bars with Celtic patterns.
Approx. 4.5 ounces ~ $10.00 each

Just For FUN!

Bacon - Yes. It looks and smells like bacon. Because....... BACON! But, fear not, vegan friends! Absolutely NO little piggies (or any critters) were harmed in the making of these bars.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

Bubbly Beer - Because BEER! Yes, it smells like beer, and yes it really is made from beer! Because.... like I said... BEER! Ya can't live in Michigan and NOT have BEER! Amber yellow bars with white froth on top.
Approx. 4 ounces ~ $5.00 each

More to come! Check back soon!


US Shipping & Handling

For all orders to be shipped outside the lower 48 contiguous United States, please contact us for a shipping quote. THANKS!

# of Bars Ordered S & H
1-9 7.25
10-30 13.65
31-60 18.90
61 and up 26.00



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